Maximize Your Online Marketing Budget with Dental Web Now's Call Tracking & Web Analytics

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  • Real-time call reporting shows which campaigns, offline or online, are actually leading to calls
  • Regular actionable reports providing valuable qualitative and quantitative insights
  • Client Dashboard for quick access to call and analytic reports
  • Dedicated account specialist for continuous monitoring & optimization

Call Tracking

A friend of mine used to buy, upgrade or repair, and sell houses. It was an endeavor that involved a lot of work and a great deal of risk. He told me about one house in particular, with pretty much everything on the line, he finally had it ready to start showing and needed to sell it. A ton of people called and viewed the house. Many called and looked before he eventually found a good fit for that house, but when he finally had a contract it was kind of anti-climatic. In fact, something occurred to him that seemed even more important than that single sale.

Probably as many as thirty people came through that house, all “hot to buy,” but there he was, with just one for sale. His first act was to obtain a real estate license and become a salesperson, with access and the legal ability to sell anyone interested in any of the many homes listed for sale. Since he was likely to meet lots of people looking for houses, the next thing that occurred to him might have been even more important.

He had not obtained or recorded any information about any of the priceless prospects for buying a home. Their names and numbers would have been tremendous, of course, but what if he’d gone even further and had demographics? Characteristics of callers? What about finding a pattern as to what time of day they seemed to call most frequently or where most seemed to come from, if any trend could be identified at all?

We’re pretty sophisticated today. It’s amazing the amount of intelligence which can be utilized today for so few pennies on the dollar as compared to, say, a billboard campaign for $5,000 a month some years ago! We can pinpoint the characteristics and behaviors of callers and clients today, and sometimes with laser-like precision, get in front of the right people for your practice, even for targeted services.

The big differentiator today is who you hire. The tools are available to anyone, but who you have at the helm makes all the difference, of course. Hire us—hire geeks who love this stuff!

Call tracking is a term you’ll be hearing more and more about. It’s a technology which collects all kinds of information about incoming calls. We can design campaigns with special URLs and dynamic phone numbers that tell us which campaigns get people calling in, and we can—as soon as the connection is made—know their name, where they’re calling from, the time they called, and we can record the call itself to gauge and improve the quality with which they are handled. This is performance based marketing—it’s all measurable.

We can evaluate the behavior of the callers, find out what they like and don’t like, and other valuable information. We end up with a metric for customer response to any given campaign or channel, and we can explain and make decisions on the data with you and for you.

Why choose Dental Web Now?

Proven Results: We have proven time and again that our analysts are good in bringing the best possible result for our customers.
Increased Patient Count: Our call tracking, analytics, and recommendations will help to bring new patients.
Experience: We have a team of expert analysts who will make sure that your online marketing strategy is optimized in the most efficient way possible.
Best Customer Service: From different questions about call tracking and web analytics to a lengthy strategy session, we make sure that every single question asked by the customer is answered.

Web Analytics

In his seminal and first book, The Four-Hour Work Week, Tim Ferris relates a very cool story about thinking outside the box (and how he was penalized for it). He says he had a phone room job from nine to five each day and was—as was everyone else—typically stopped by gatekeepers to the executives he was trying to reach. Something occurred to him though. He had observed many executives arrive early and stay late. He began setting his own hours and rather than the mandated eight-hour day he started working just one hour per day, between eight-thirty and nine a.m. and again from five p.m. to five-thirty. All the gatekeepers were gone, and he made more appointments with execs than anyone else in the phone room.

Tim recognized a pattern. Patterns, revealed, can lead to very effective strategies.

According to Wikipedia, “web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data,” for measuring web traffic of course, but also for market research and to improve the effectiveness of a website and marketing campaigns.

Special terms like “Unique visitors”, and “page views” scratch the surface of what we can understand and do with analytics. We can actually use analytics for on-site as well as many off-site channels, as often they combine. For example, we may determine someone responded to a postcard you mailed them and their next action was to visit your website prior to calling your office. It all can be evaluated and used to improve campaign effectiveness and efficiency, and maximize your return on investment (ROI). Important stuff; in fact, a lack of evaluation can lead some to abandon what might have been very profitable campaigns, or to continue useless ones into perpetuity.

Through analytics we demystify your marketing, and we’re great at it—we love this stuff.

We can know what’s going on across the web as well as evaluate a visitor’s behavior on your site and use that data to make informed decisions, maybe even arrive at innovative strategies like Tim’s!

Do you want greater value for your marketing dollars?

Maximize your marketing budget and know exactly which campaigns, both online and offline, are leading to calls and patient conversions.