Introducing CallSumo: Call Tracking for Dentists!

We are proud to announce the launch of Call Sumo, the Most Comprehensive Call Tracking Solution for Dentists.


Introducing CallSumo: Call Tracking for Dentists!

We are proud to announce the launch of Call Sumo, the Most Comprehensive Call Tracking Solution for Dentists. We’ve taken our own experience in marketing for dentists at Dental Web Now, and identified the key piece of technology that really helped us excel at what we do. We look forward to Call Sumo becoming the go to solution for Dental Practices and Top Marketing Agencies in the Dental Industry.


With Call Sumo’s unique ability to sync incoming calls with practice management software like Dentrix, Eaglesoft and more, we are able to show Actionable, Detailed Data about your marketing with a fraction of the effort previously needed to do such analysis. With Call Sumo’s Enhanced CallerID, you’ll know if the caller is a potential new patient and from which source or channel your caller found you, and what the caller is likely looking for, even before picking up the phone.

Dental practices can have busy days and on these days not all calls can be given equal attention and can likely be diverted to the office’s answering machine. These are the times potential patients and leads are missed.

With CallSumo, you don’t have to worry about missing potential leads – we’ll track each call you receive and identify which are potential new patients so you’ll be able to follow up with them and win that patient over. You can get on-the-fly notifications, when you’ve missed a call from a potential new patient!

Here are some of the ways we CallSumo at Dental Web Now to help our clients get more patients and boost their production:

  1. Software integration – CallSumo integrates with most dental practice management software to identify and filter calls from leads and actual new patients.
  2. Human call auditing – after the automatically identifying incoming calls, our experienced human call analysts listen to calls from leads. We then identify and provide feedback on specific strategies to help improve lead conversion.
  3. Track online and offline campaigns – all online and offline marketing efforts such as print, e-mail campaigns, social media, pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, etc. will be tracked and with this you will get valuable insights as to which channels provide the best return for your marketing spend
  4. Enhanced Caller ID – you will know which marketing channel brought your callers in and what they’re likely looking for if they did an online search to reach your website
  5. Detailed monthly reports – aside from having full access to real-time call reports, we also provide you with actionable reports giving valuable qualitative and quantitative insights
  6. Expert Analysts – we provide our clients with a dedicated account analyst who give routine updates and identify opportunities for improvement.

Knowing the nature of the calls you receive is good, but knowing exactly how they found you is better. By tracking the source of your calls and having access to comprehensive marketing data, Call Sumo gives you the leverage on how to handle your campaigns and get the best return for your marketing spend.

We’re really excited to see how making this tool public will help those in the dental industry take on marketing.

Sign up for a free demo and see how Call Sumo can help tackle your marketing!

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