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Tools that power your marketing

We develop tools that make dental marketing measurable and more effective. Having handled the marketing for dozens of dental practices, we have used quite a number of marketing tools. However, most of the tools available in the market are similar to each other and just provide basic features. They generally lack the functionality to take marketing to the next level.

Being a digital marketing company, we know very well what we needed to deliver the level of service we wanted for our clients. We therefore started developing unique tools which go beyond what typical similar tools in the market can do and can address our marketing needs.

Call Sumo is a call tracking solution which integrates with the dental practice’s management software. Now what this integration does is help the practice identify calls from existing patients and new leads. The system also has an advanced caller ID which determines what the caller was looking for before calling and through which marketing channel their call came from. All the additional information the practice has access to even before they take the call would better equip them to handle the call which would then lead to better patient conversion or retention and ultimately, improved return on investment.

Our upcoming products ...

A digital management location software that will help your dental clients leverage location-based technologies to drive more patients into their practice’s doorstep.

A full-featured patient management system which integrates with our other products to provide dentists with robust, comprehensive functionality.