Amazing. They walk the walk. Dental Web Now has earnestly supported my dentistry and helped me be more distinguished online. With a steady flow of visitors to my website, I am consistently receiving new patients and my old patients are grateful to find me online in case they will need my services in the future.

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Dr. Thakur, Orlando, Florida

Dr. Murad Thakur’ Family Dentistry is located at Orlando and has been providing high quality and very affordable dental procedures to his patients for more than 25 years. He has made quite a name for himself in Orlando for making available a quality, effective and modern dental services through a friendly and welcoming clinic in Curry Ford, Orlando. Though he is already quite reputable, Dental Web Now has further helped Dr. Thakur let other people know about his remarkable practice by obtaining a more prominent web presence and thus, delivered more patients to his clinic regularly.

June 6, 2012