Web Presence Solution

The internet has changed how people do business. Google has become the consumer gateway. Whether people are looking to buy a car, searching for a new pair of shoes, or trying to find a dentist, they begin that process online with a web search. After conducting interviews with dozens of dentists throughout the country, we have come to realize that dentists want to concentrate on what they do best—being a dentist. And, as a dentist, you want to perfect your craft and not have to spend all your time researching all the myriad technologies involved in creating the kind of data intensive system that our experts work on every day as professionals. So, unless you are already booked full of patients, why not let us help drive your business, so that you can concentrate on your profession. As we are sure you realize that static web pages have given way to full blown web-presences, with cutting edge databases, we can offer you that data-driven functionality.
 Dental Web Now aims to help dentists communicate and market to prospective patients with customized websites, social media marketing, SEO and conversion tracking. Delivering a superior web presence, our true edge lies in data that we run ourselves. We know which ads work and which ones don’t, and, which web campaigns are bringing you new patients. Our experts consult with you about your practice to determine what types of patients you want. And, every month, that’s exactly the type of patient we send you. Also, at the end of each month, we show you the numbers, and exactly how many patients we sent you; all you pay is a flat fee per new patient.

Web Presence

A dentist’s website is the first point of contact between their business and prospective patients on the internet, and it gives them that critical first impression of one’s practice. It is therefore imperative that you have a website that both looks sharp and provides relevant content. Many dentists just don’t have the time to do this on their own, and, as a result, are leaving patients – and thousands of dollars – on the table.

Dental Web Now provides you with a no-hassle approach to customized website design and development. We ascertain your needs and preferences, creating a web presence to match. Our project managers take full control of the design, creation, and maintenance processes. Designing your website in such a way as to be very user friendly and search engine friendly, you will reap the rewards from a website that is not only optimized for attractiveness and ease of navigation for your visitors, but also to achieve the best possible search engine ranking and visibility.

Also, your website will be created using a Content Management System (CMS) which gives you the capability to make changes to your own content, should you prefer doing that yourself.


Having a slick looking website is a waste of money if the website lacks high visibility on the web, and particularly in search engines. Statistics show that most internet users seldom go past the first two pages of the Google search results. In fact, the majority of website views and conversions come from the first page results of Google.

Dental Web Now will create, execute, and manage for you a comprehensive and intelligent web presence and promotion campaign that will give you top-level, first-page visibility. First, we analyze your practice, target market and competitors to determine key elements of your campaign. Next, we check your baseline ranking in the search engines. Then, we develop search terms that fit your practice. After these initial steps, our team is ready to custom design a powerful individual marketing campaign that will grow your business.

Your promotion campaign will consist of the following types of internet marketing:

The campaign is aggressively executed and constantly monitored, analyzed, and evaluated. Being a dynamic marketing technology company, we are always going back to our core focus: data. We look at the data and make adjustments to your campaign, and repeat that process over and over again until we have developed the most effective web-presence possible.


With our broad experience, technical knowledge, and business expertise in successfully deploying numerous business websites for clients worldwide, Dental Web Now guarantees dentists advanced technology-based internet marketing for their websites. The results will ensure an effective patient base growth campaign that will have profound positive effects on your business model.


Analytics is the doctor of your website; it provides the diagnosis. Imagine you have a website that gets lots of traffic. But, you have no idea where those visitors are coming from and why they went to your website. Without that information, you have no way of improving or advancing your online marketing efforts. You’re basically advertising and just hoping that it works.

Helping us understand your web traffic, web analytics improves the quality of that traffic. Web analytics gives us access to a range of data, including numbers of visitors on your website, unique viewers per month, number of page views, and keywords that led them to you. Most importantly, our system lets us track actual conversions.

It works like this: we run the data and find that lots of customers are coming to your website based on certain keywords like “affordable dentist” or “dental emergencies.” Using that information, we refine your promotion campaign. Then, we add more content to your website about affordable dental procedures and dental emergencies. And as we do this, we see a positive feedback loop in the search rankings. This is just an example of why analytics are important and how can they help you grow your practice.

The bottom line: we know the keywords prospective patients are searching; we know how they get to your website; and, we know if they become actual patients.