Web Presence Promotion

Having a beautiful and highly effective website will be a waste of investment if the website is not highly visible in the web, particularly by search engines.Statistics have shown that most internet users seldom go past the first two pages of the Google search results and that the majority of website views and conversions come from the first page results of Google.

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 Dental Web Now will create, execute and manage for you a comprehensive and intelligent web presence promotion campaign that is sure to boost your online visibility. First, we perform a thorough analysis of your practice, target market and competitors to determine key elements (e.g. initial ranking, key words, etc.) critical to the success of the campaign. Equipped with an accurate assessment of your needs and situation, our team which consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals, then designs a strategic & ethical web presence promotion campaign for your practice, utilizing only the most effective online marketing channels. The campaign is then aggressively executed and constantly monitored, analysed and evaluated. Being a dynamic marketing solution, continuous tweaks will be done on our online promotion effort, as may be necessary, to ensure timely adjustments & adaptation to the ever-changing technological landscape, therefore guaranteeing maximum efficacy at all times.