Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, basically, is the process of promoting your practice and your website through various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Reports show the majority of marketers today acknowledge the importance of social media for their businesses and to disregard this fact will make your dental practice vulnerable to competitors. Engaging in social media marketing will provide many benefits, the most notable of which are enhanced exposure for your practice and increased traffic to your website. The social media network we will create for you will also provide you an opportunity to connect with your potential and existing patients on a more personal level thus also improving both conversion and retention rates.

We will plan and implement a comprehensive and effective social media marketing campaign for your practice by creating a custom branded presence in the most popular social media sites. Your social media network will be designed to be fully integrated–like well-oiled machinery–functioning to provide the optimal exposure for your business and drive traffic to your website. As with all our other services, you decide our degree of involvement in managing your social media network. You have the option to personally handle any or all social media sites set-up for your practice, or you can have us partially or fully manage them.

Of course, Dental Web Now will constantly monitor and assess the performance of your individual social media sites, and the campaign as a whole. Every opportunity for improvement discovered will definitely be taken advantage of. You will be regularly provided with accurate and detailed reports so that you are always updated on the progress the campaign is making.

Among the social media sites / channels we will utilize to enhance your practice’s web presence are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linked In
  • YouTube
  • Managed Blog