Take Control of Your Online Marketing

You do great work and you want to let potential patients know it.  Traditional marketing is expensive and difficult to track.  Online marketing requires technical know how and results can be distorted.  Dental Web Now allows you to get the most out of your marketing dollar by providing you with the knowledge and tools to do your own online marketing and see the results, all in one place.

Here’s how our solution works:

Traditional Marketing

A traditional phone directory company wants to sell you a full page ad at a cost of thousands of dollars a month, promising hundreds of calls per month. Dental Web Now will provide you with a local phone number to use for that advertisement only. Simply logging into your Dental Web Now account will allow you to view the details of all of the calls to that number and to listen to those calls to see if you are getting new patients. If you need help, you can view our video tutorials or call our customer support line.

Search Rankings

An online marketing company is offering search engine optimization (SEO) services, promising high rankings and thousands of clicks. The results look good at first but a month or two later you stop showing up on the first page. The SEO company and their ‘support’ are long gone.  Don’t loose money to these scam artist.  Dental Web Now gives you the educational information to optimize your own search results and the tools to track your progress.

Social Media Marketing

An online marketing company is offering a Facebook marketing campaign saying that they’ll produce a rush of new patients from a Facebook Ad campaign.  They create a page for you and it get’s likes but most of them are from people who couldn’t possibly be patients.  Dental Web Now can create a professional Facebook page for you and show you how to have a thriving social network around your practice.  We can even give you a phone number and email account to use with Facebook or AdWords ads.