Terms and Conditions

  1. Dental Web Now (“Company”) has created a program of internet advertising, search engine optimization and patient or conversion tracking (“the Program”) that it provides to dentists (“the Client”).
  2. The Program involves the creation of a variety of web content for marketing purposes “the Content”). The Content belongs to and is copyrighted by Company. It is licensed to Client as part of the Program.
  3. By clicking the box marked I AGREE, Client agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
  4. Upon entering into this agreement, Company will implement the Program for the benefit of Client within 45 days.
  5. Through use of the Program, Company is capable of tracking prospective patients or leads from initial web searches through contact with Client to arrival at Client’s dental office for a dental appointment.
  6. Company can identify which patients arrive at Client’s office for an appointment as a result of the Program’s marketing efforts. These patients who are sourced through the Program and arrive at a Client’s office for a dental appointment are referred to as Patient Conversions.
  7. Upon implementing the Program, Company shall track all patient conversions.
  8. Client shall pay Company a fee for each Patient Conversion in the amount of $50 per Patient Conversion.
  9. At the end of every calendar month, Company shall issue an invoice t to Client indicating the number of Patient Conversions and the total fee due.
  10. Client shall remit payment to Company within 30 days of receipt of such an invoice.
  11. In the event that Client disagrees with Company’s count of Patient Conversions, Client shall inform Company in writing of such a dispute within 10 days of receiving the invoice giving rise to the dispute. Client shall provide its own count of the total Patient Conversions and the names of all such patients it believes to be Patient Conversions for that 30 day period.
  12. Upon receipt of a written invoice dispute by Client, Company shall within ten days provide Client with documentation sufficient to justify Company’s total number of Patient Conversions.
  13. Either party to this Agreement shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time on 30 days’ notice.
  14. In the event that this Agreement is terminated by either party, Company shall revoke any and all licenses for the Content that were granted to Client as part of the Program and such Content may be removed from websites hosted or controlled by the Company.
  15. Any disputes between the parties arising out of or related to this Agreement or the Program shall be resolved in Broward County Circuit Court and each party irrevocably submits to the jurisdiction of that court.